Summer Sunflower Session


Mar 24, 2020

You may have seen a few photos of myself on social media and on my website of me frolicking in open grass fields with the sun setting in the background. LITERAL DREAM. My friend Rebecca, who owns Rebecca Caldwell Photography, invited me to her home last summer to swap headshots. This is a fancy term for we exchanged taking photos of each other for our websites! I loved visiting her home in the quiet backroads of Virginia. Her and her husband grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables in their garden, while also running another business where they design customer woodwork, called the Caldwell Trading Company. I love it. And I love their backyard…

I never got to share these last year that I took of Rebecca. Since it’s getting warmer here in Virginia, and I am missing that southern sun, I thought I would share them now! Rebecca is a mom of  3 now, and she is one kind and an amazing human being. I ADORE these photos and she is phenomenal at capturing newborn photos. You should see some of her work! Here is some fun and happiness in this time of uncertainty in the world. Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Rebecca Caldwell Photography |

She is such a natural behind the camera!

I mean if a giant swing on a tree isn’t on your list of things to have…

Rebecca is the cutest!

Making my sunflower dreams come true!

Literally such a dream…

Always have to end with some fun!

Some extra that she captured of myself that I just LOVE!

Ahhhh! I have always had issues with myself in photos and I am so happy with these! You too are beautiful in your own skin.


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