Matthaei Botanical Gardens Wedding | Dominique + John


Sep 3, 2018

I was so excited to go photograph Dominique and John’s wedding! Their ceremony was located at the Matthaei Botanical Gardens and their reception at Summit On The Park.  I loved how they used Summit for their engagement session which you can see HERE! The gardens for the ceremony were GORGEOUS! We couldn’t have asked for a better day for their wedding! The clouds stayed covering the area where the ceremony was held and the rain stayed off until during the reception! It went from cloudy, to super sun, to complete downpour within hours! Somehow we got so lucky and beat it!

The ceremony was amazing. Chair circled the flower garden in the middle where it lead up to the main arch where Dominique and John said their “I Do’s.” The amount of color in the gateway garden was amazing and I highly recommend it! They made their ceremony so unique by having their family member ordain them, a beautiful verse from the bible was read, and on top of that they added in Dominique’s scientist side by pouring a mixture of chemicals together to create “love.” It was the prettiest color of magenta and I just loved what it represented to them.

Dominique had two beautiful bridesmaids, one her sister and the other her now step-daughter Marquette! On TOP of that she had 5 honoree bridesmaids that completely ran the show! They were amazing! They made sure all the small unique details were put up the night before for the reception, organized everyone for the ceremony, and made announcements for the reception! These ladies were rockstars! AND Dominque and her bridal party choreographed the best dance for everyone! It was so much fun!

John, the day of the wedding, had posted a video of him going for his run and everyone wishing him luck nothing bad happened on his run! But before that he said the sweetest thing of God had sent him soulmate Dominque 6.5 years ago when they met, so he didn’t need luck for the wedding. My heart just melted. I love when I can just see the love leaping off of a grooms chest for his soon to be wife.

The reception room was filled with so much love! I lost track of how many toasts there were after the 5th but each one had its own unique story about the two of them. Stories about how much they love each other, and how amazing it has been that John came into Dominique’s life.  I got the chills on a number of occasions and even almost shed a tear.

Dominique and John, thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me capture your special day! You both looked amazing, your family is so loving, and everything was perfect. Down to every last detail. You have so many people who love you and that is so special. I wish you both so much happiness and love in your life, family, and future. Have so much fun in Punta Cana! We will all be wishing we were there too!

Check out all the favorites below! But first thank you to all the amazing vendors and people who made this day happen!

CEREMONY VENUE: Matthaei Botanical Gardens


DRESS: The Wedding Shoppe

HAIR: Erroll King of Dallas Designs

MAKEUP: Tayla Ashford

BOUQUET: The Bride


CAKE: Paris Bakery

DJ: Nathan Gilford

We cant forget her team of honorary bridesmaids/bridesmaids for helping setting out decoration the night before, the day of, and organizing the ceremony! They were a phenomenal team!

Her dress was stunning! Beading on the top with a princess tulle bottom!

Her something blue, stitched in:)

These ladies know how to put on a show! They are the dream team of honorary bridesmaids!

Some of my favorites of the day and thats saying something!

Just look at all of those blooms!


Dominiques stunning sister Deborah!

 If you remember from their engagement session, Dominique is a scientist! So she brought in her own mixtures to represent love:) They each poured a glass into the bigger one and what was once clear turned magenta! It was so unique and special

John’s, and now Dominique’s, beautiful daughter! She is the sweetest




Dominique made this bouquet herself that went perfectly with her dress!

These beautiful ladies were amazing and such fun to work with!

When your crazy photographer makes you do things like laugh non stop, you get amazing photos like this!

You can just see how much he adores her

So many flowers!

Each of the painted vases on the table were made by all the guests at their bridal shower! I LOVE that! Its like everyone got to be apart of the big day!

The most delicious cupcakes!

For the ceremony all the bridesmaids had different purple shoes just like Dominique’s below! I just love how unique and personal each one was! THEN they came out with a surprise for the guests with a choreographed dance!

Look at all that women power in one photo!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Winston

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