Girl Wash Your Face & Some Hard Truths


Apr 16, 2019

So I have always loved books, and I honestly didn’t realize that until recently! I was that kid that was always reading the next Junie B Jones book or Captain Underpants…yeah I was a cool kid. ANYWAY! I love reading fantasy type books, you know harry potter or things with magic. But recently I have been getting into self help books, books on business, and improving over all life! I had heard about Girl Wash Your Face before. I just didn’t make the leap to buy it and then something in me said “just do it, you need this.” So I did and you guys…

It’s so hard for me to begin to describe how much this book has set my heart and soul on fire. It has happened in the best and most motivational way possible. This book is the cold water splashed on your face wake up call that every woman needs who feels like giving up, they aren’t good enough, and believes every lie they are told since they have been young. The lies they have heard from others and the lies they tell themselves.

Like Rachel Hollis I have told many lies to myself. That I’m not good enough, a man can save me, if I just get everyone to read this blog my dream will come to life, if I lie to myself about my inner hauntings no one will see them, or telling myself “no I’ll do it tomorrow” way too many times. I was basically putting myself down everyday for lies that I kept feeding myself. Y’all thats the meanest thing you could do to yourself! Its so hard to stay motivated when you’re someone who gets motivated by group settings like Zumba or how I attend photography workshops with other creatives! My heart is set on fire after those….

She talks about taking the word no and thinking of it as more “okay halt” or “proceed with caution.” Find a new route. But never ever give up on your dream. Whatever that may be. Whatever sets your heart on fire and motivates you to do your best work because you are worth it! It has so much great information in one novel that I had to take it in chunks, and go back again and again to re read the words that I needed to hear so badly.

There are parts of the book that don’t resonate with me at this point in my journey. I’m not a mom yet. A couple years ago I never wanted to be, but that’s a story for another time. Rachel talks about being a mom and how hard it can be to compare yourself to what society tells you is “right.” What I learned from her is that your way is the right way for your family and no one can tell you otherwise. Only you are letting all the judgment in, when you should be letting grace into your mind and heart. I can’t wait to read that section again when I have kids one day and see how impactful it can be for me.

I read this book on our way to Virginia when Tyler had his interview back in January 2019. It was such a perfect timing in life because its like someone knew that we would be starting a new journey together and I would have to figure things out if we were to move. Rachel Hollis has many mantras but one that stuck with me is SAME ME, NEW MOOD. And thats exactly what this book did to me. I wish I could tell you the magic sauce on how this happened. But after reading this book, I was happier, I stopped telling myself lies and downing myself, and I didn’t need chocolate in my life anymore… ME?! the chocoholic didn’t want chocolate anymore? You know that strawberry stuff they put on top of cheesecake…yeah I would choose that now over a triple decker chocolate delight thing. This might not be huge to you but to me it is!

I became a better version of myself. This book is for anyone who feels a little lost on their path in life and just needs a HUGE nudge to get right back in it. I know this book gets some backlash in certain communities, but I will never dislike something that has turned my life around for the better. This is why I truly believe in giving the best experience to my wedding couples, seniors, and anyone else who comes across my photography business. If one book can change my mood and outlook on life…then what could a bunch of little moments in life do? I suggest giving it a read and go listen to her podcasts too! She uses tactful tools to tackle everyday life, relationships, and even has amazing recipes online for those who don’t work well in the kitchen (A.K.A ME).


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