Emma + Jose | St. Thomas & Nichols Arboretum Engagement


Sep 25, 2018

When Emma had decided to finally book with me I was so happy! I had gotten to chat with them over the phone to learn about their personal love story & tell them more about me as well! They seemed so sweet and so in love! And I was right!

Emma is in the Navy and Jose used to be in the national guard! They met going to prayer, talked for hours, went to lunch, and after that it was love! They knew exactly what they wanted out of life when they decided to be together! They have only been together for a year and some change, but meeting them I could see how much they love each other and just understand each other.

Her ring was passed down from in the family, so its something very special. AND I LOVE IT! He popped the question when they went to church together one day during prayer. Emma knew it was coming but wasn’t sure when! I love that they made it something so private and unique to their relationship.

I knew meeting Emma and Jose would be a fun time, even if it was 8 in the morning! They chose a location that was special to them, which is where they regularly go to church. It’s also the same place Jose proposed at! They are so kind, patient, calm, loving, and live everyday by Gods words. They made the session so easy and trusted me to instruct them to do any silly thing I asked them to do! They were amazing and I already am so excited for their wedding day in May 2019!


P.S We met the cutest older couple in the garden. They stopped and asked how long Emma and Jose have been together and then told us it was only just 24 hours after they met that they got married. ALSO, that they have been together for 50 YEARS! The world works in crazy ways, it was so amazing! And just so perfect.

Check out my favorites below:)


This ring is gorgeous!

One of my favorites…

I loved when they made each other laugh, it was the cutest thing!

Emma is the BEST at the model face, she didnt even have to try!

So incredibly sweet


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