A Nautical Caribbean Cruise


Feb 26, 2019

So I’ve been doing my travel blog posts because I love being able to share the amazing places around the world we get to go BUT I also love when there are blogs out there that tell you practical advice on the places they go! Like where to shop, if you have to pay a lot to get around, or even where not to go! So today I’m sharing all about our cruise to the Caribbean, where we went, what we did, and things you can try when and if you want to go one day too!

My mom has always taken the Royal Caribbean cruise ships when she sails so I think that its in my blood to take that one too! Their boats are huge! Which means there are so many things to do, so many food options, and I really felt like every single staff person on that ship loves what they do. We were always greeted with a smile and some great information on and off the ship!

First things first though. We were porting in Port Canaveral which is right by Orlando…so naturally we had to stop at Disney World for the day! It was so warm, I got to wear my new rose gold ears, and I even tried dole whip for the first time. I’ve been to Disney so many times and I had never tried it before! Im such a chocolate person so I was convinced I wouldn’t like it and I was right…I LOVED it! You can get pineapple flavor or vanilla and of course I got the swirl option. There was a chance of rain all day but it held up right until we left the park! I also had never been on the small world ride…but I told myself I needed to break traditions and say yes to new things! It was for sure cute but splash mountain or anything in fantasyland will always be my favorite! My feet and legs may have been so tired at the end of the day but I will never out grow the magic of Disney.

We were finally on our way to the cruise! Our first stop was the Bahamas. It is a BIG tourist area so there are people left and right asking you if you want hair braiding, taxis, scooters, horse and carriage ride, or buying the next island sweatshirt (which I totally caved to). The boys went and snorkeled while my friend and I went around the island to shop! It sounds silly but ever since I started to date Tyler, I collect shot glasses from wherever we go. I never use them they just go up for display but I make sure each is unique to wherever we go so that I remember even the smallest of memories from our trips! They enjoyed the snorkeling but the big waves made it difficult to stay under and see all the fish! Atlantis is a nice hotel to see and visit but I probably wouldn’t go back to see it again. Don’t get me wrong its amazing to see! But unless you are staying at the hotel you cant see much of anything but the casino and shops inside! The public beach was a 10 minute walk up a sandy hill to get to but it was still worth it! We got splashed by the biggest wave out of no where on the beach and they ended up being taller than us! That night we got so burnt from the sun and our waiter said Tyler looked medium rare because he was so red! It still makes me laugh as I type this!

Our next port was St. Thomas! We did an excursion called the Coral Express. We saw turtles, starfish, colorful birds that were way too smart, all the fish in the ocean in an underwater viewing deck, and iguanas that walked right by where you walk! One started to climb up our backpack by us as we were eating our lunch! But he quickly realized he likes bugs and flowers not burgers. The hurricane had swept this beautiful country not too long ago. So there were buildings and areas that were being rebuilt or just sitting there from the wreck. We took a bus to our excursion that took us past a gigantic church where the whole from was ripped off but you could still see the stained glass windows, the chandeliers, and some pews. We walked along the beach and the water was so clear you could see right to the bottom. It was unbelievable. It wasn’t expensive to get around these small countries! Taxi rides were maybe 4 dollars per person which is amazing! The people are all nice there and tell you things about the island as you drive! Each time we left the ports we watched us sail away to get a beautiful view of the whole island.

Our last port in St. Maarten has to be my favorite one. Another big tourist area right when we got off but they were a tad more respectful when it came to asking you if you needed a taxi or not! We did the major tourist thing to do and headed to Maho beach, otherwise known as the airplane beach! We brought our swimsuits this time too so we could hop in. The airplanes are so close to you. One was taking off and we could see people running away because it was blowing everyones hats off and the sand all around! They warn you that it could be dangerous to be right there! I found more sea shells at this beach, but unfortunately when we got back on the boat they took them from me because its not allowed…I think the guy felt bad though because he gave me the two big ones back. The water felt amazing, and the salt and waves weren’t as bad as I had remembered! There were people on the beaches selling chairs, hair braiding, and even offering to put aloe on you… but we just used our towels from the ship! We ended the night, which happened to be Valentines day, with macaroons from the island and a fancy dinner on the ship.

I loved the cruising days just as much because we were able to lay out, get our tan on, drink some drinks, and try new things! They had zip lining and boogie boarding which I tried both to my surprise! We went to shows where there were amazing dancers and acrobats! Other nights we sat in the hot tubs in the adult section of course and looked at the stars. The Caribbean is amazing and so beautiful!

Down below you will see some amazing photos of all the things I just mentioned plus one or two more things! I hope you found this blog post educational and it gave you some ideas of what to do on your trip to the Caribbean! Here are some GORGEOUS photos from our trip on Royal Caribbean Cruise lines…starting with some Disney!

You can never have too many pictures of the castle…

I LOVE the tangled Rapunzel area in fantasyland!

Dole Whip is a new all time favorite! I’m so glad I finally joined the club!

Its never goodbye, but see you soon!

Checking out the ship and our first stop was the Bahamas!

Michigan rarely has flowers where I lived…so when I find some wherever I go I get excited!

The Atlantis resort and hotel!

We started the next port in St Thomas on an overcast and rainy morning!

This guy totally posed for this photo and I loved it!

So for those of you who dont know…this is Tyler…and he sometimes gets annoyed with all my pictures…so I take them anyway:)

These iguanas walked around like dogs…minus the leash.

My handsome man 🙂

Heres the church I was telling you about that had the front ripped off!

They use those blocks to block the tides coming in from crashing too hard!

Our last port in St. Maarten, which was my favorite!

Here he goes again…

The famous airport beach!

My absolute favorite shorts from aerie!

Oh he just trying to reach the water…

A Valentine treat of macaroons from the island!

I could listen to the waves of the ocean for days

A beautiful rainbow sunset on the island for the last port day 🙂


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