3 Things I Do As a Second Shooter

Second Shooting

Feb 25, 2020

So recently I have decided to put down the towel of shooting my own weddings and become solely a professional second shooter. It was literally the best decision for my business I have ever made. I get to capture weddings, see the emotions, serve the lead photographer well, and still eat alllll the cake. More importantly I get to be less stressed and focus more on my seniors and life outside of photography. BUT with that being said, shooting over 40 second shooter weddings, I have gained SO much knowledge on how to prepare for the wedding day, perform on the wedding day, and even things I should do after the wedding day! I LOVE to serve the other photographers well and I want to share 3 tips on what I do to be the BEST second shooter I can be.


This seems so simple but I have seen a lot of other photographers take this for granted meeting other photographers AND on the wedding day. I always make sure that even when I am second shooting, I am showing up in a professional outfit on the wedding day. First impressions are everything. I typically will wear my long black dress with a black cardigan in the warmer months and I will wear my nice black straight pants, gray dressy top, and my black cardigan for the cooler months.

Shot while second shooting for Aly Sprecher Creative Photography


I cannot stress this enough. I have even arrived an hour earlier than scheduled because the venue was SO far, I wanted to make sure there was no room for anything happening. You could forget a piece of equipment at home and have to run to Best Buy (done that), you could get a flat tire and need to find extra transportation, or the parking might be a hassle and you need the extra time for that! It’s also just respectful and responsible to ALWAYS arrive earlier than expected to show you care, and chat with the photographer about the day.

Shot while second shooting for MJ Mendoza Photography


Everyone loves a like, comment, or share on social media! It is how we boost our businesses and bring in more clients. As a second shooter it is my job to promote the lead photographer and be excited about the wedding day! They did chose you after all for the honor of capturing it with them. Share their blog post on your page or give them a comment. Its goes a long way with networking and an opportunity to work with them again.

Shot while second shooting for Whole Heart Studios

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